Crazy Time Rating and reviews

Crazy Time from Evolution Gaming

Modern Live Casino games go beyond Blackjack and Roulette. A major development in recent years is the game show format, which gives players the sense of being the primary competitor. Dream Catcher and Deal or No Deal popularized this new game show genre, but Evolution Gaming’s Crazy Time is one of the most intriguing recent releases.

Crazy Time: Arrival

Crazy Time was launched by Evolution Gaming in summer 2020. By actively marketing the game, Evolution had made effective use of its over-a-year development time. That stirred up excitement, and players began counting down to seeing it firsthand.

The game was an instant live casino smash when it premiered, and that enthusiasm hasn’t gone. Crazy Time is a popular game for everyone who desires a varied, thrilling, and perhaps rewarding gaming session.

Crazy Time: Format

Crazy Time was based on Evolution’s successful Dream Catcher. Like Dream Catcher, it centers on a vertically oriented wheel like those in Wheel of Fortune games. A human dealer manages and enhances the game show atmosphere.

Crazy Time: Gameplay

Players predict the label in the winning region after the wheel spins and stops. The sector indicator lies above the wheel at 12 o’clock. Players can bet on 1, 2, 5, 10, Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, or Crazy Time. It’s fine to wager on numerous outcomes, and most players do so for reasons that will become apparent.

Bets are put, then the wheel spins. The slot reels atop the wheel will also spin. The slot reels land first, with the left reel showing a sector designation and the right reel showing a multiplier or no multiplier.

After slowing down, the Crazy Time wheel will reveal the winning sector. Those that bet on that sector gain. A bet on 1 wins 1x, 2 wins 2x, 5 wins 5x, and 10 wins 10x. A winning bet on Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, or Crazy Time unlocks one of four additional games.

The top slot reels are noteworthy. The multiplier value on the right reel will multiply any prize won if the winning sector on the wheel is also on the left reel. Thus, if you wager $1 on the label 5 and the slot shows 5 and a 3x multiplier, your payout is $15. The slot’s 3x multiplies your $5 wheel prize.

The dealer will shift to a bonus game area if the winning wheel section has a label. Crazy Time features a separate room from the other games. Each bonus game will be explained in turn.

Flip a coin

A huge red-and-blue coin being flipped in the Coin Flip game. The dealer places the coin in a Coin Flip machine recess, and a screen above randomly values each side. A multiplier will be provided to both parties. The machine flips the coin, and the facing side determines the multiplier. Multiple your bet by that value.

The Cash Hunt

The Cash Hunt board is 9 columns by 12 rows. All 108 board cells have game symbols. Each symbol is flipped to reveal a multiplier. The symbols spin back to hide their values and are quickly jumbled. Select a board symbol. Your symbol’s multiplier is applied to your bet after the symbols are flipped over again.


A pegged Pachinko board with 16 spots at the bottom is utilized for this bonus game. Each bottom slot has a multiplier. The dealer will drop a disk into the board, which will fall through the pegs and land in a slot. Your stake will be multiplied by the slot value.

Crazy Time

The larger one takes place in a separate room with a Crazy Time reel with three sector indicators. This wheel has 64 sections with multiplier values or Double or Triple labels. Select an indicator to spin the wheel.

If your indicator shows a multiplier, your wager will be multiplied when the wheel stops. Players who choose a Double or Triple indicator will have all wheel sector multipliers doubled or tripled and the wheel spun again. Double or Triple labels can enhance wheel payouts, and winning bets will use the sector’s multiplier when it appears.

Playing Crazy Time

Play Crazy Time conservatively by simply playing on 1, giving you a 21 in 54 chance of winning every spin. This strategy would be preferable for playing Red or Black in Roulette. Bonus games are where the action and money are.

For this reason, most Crazy Time players focus on one or more bonus sectors. Bet on all four bonus sectors per spin to secure your participation in any one of them. That may take a few spins, but your patience may be rewarded!

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